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Psychotropic Meds in Foster Children

2014-10-07 | Written By: Dr. Mark Abdelmalek

 The federal government has not done enough to oversee the treatment of America's foster children with powerful mind-altering drugs, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to be released Thursday...

The Cost of Aging Out

2014-10-07 | Written By: Gary Stangler

As parents, we know that our role in our children's lives goes far beyond providing them with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. We also nurture and guide them, and as they grow older we expose them to new experiences and opportunities...

Going from Foster Care to College

2014-10-08 | Written By: Sandy Banks

Jamilah Sims became a mother at 14 — just as she was entering foster care for the third time, because of her own mother's instability. She and two sisters — the girls are triplets — have grown accustomed to packing up, moving in with strangers, leaving friends, changing schools...

Foster Care Education

2014-10-07 | Written By: Dan Lips

The estimated 518,000 American children currently in foster care are among the most at-risk children in American society. Research shows that adults who were formerly in foster care are more likely than the general population to succumb to poor life outcomes...

Aging Out

2014-10-07 | Written By: Children's Rights

When children cannot return home to their families, child welfare systems must move quickly to find them alternative homes. As time goes by, the prospects for landing in safe, loving, permanent homes grow dimmer for foster youth...

Family First approach to Foster Care

2014-10-07 | Written By: David Bornstein

It’s difficult to change systems even when they are widely acknowledged to be broken. That’s the situation facing the nation’s foster care system. According to the government most recent estimate there were roughly 424,000 young people in foster care as of Sept. 30, 2009...